August Member of the Month – Queensland Youth and Families Support Services

We are excited to congratulate our August Member of the Month, Queensland Youth and Families Support Services (QYFSS)! QYFSS create opportunities that value and empower young people, build family harmony and foster supportive communities, enabling all young people to reach their full potential.

We interviewed Diane Bell from QYFSS asking her about some of her favourite moments and how Good360 supports QYFSS’s work.

What programs do you use your Good360 donations for? Who does the program serve? How does it impact Australians in need?

Homeless clients – Products such as thongs, toiletries and clothes are offered to our homeless clients.

Transitional housing program – Sheets, doonas, toasters, kettles etc all help our homeless youth that have entered our transitional housing program so that we can provide items for their use in the houses.

Emergency Relief Hampers – We include lots of the products we receive into our weekly hampers.

Gifts for graduates of the Girls Program/Cyber Bullying Program/Anger Management – These girls are struggling due to COVID and their families are being affected by it also.

Christmas presents – Some of the products we get throughout the year we put aside a few to go towards Christmas presents for our clients, client families and homeless walk-ins.

What is your favourite moment/interaction that you have had with a client when utilising the Good360 product?

Girls Program 2020.  Our Youth Worker Jeff ran our Girls Program for girls in grades 5-8. The girls that participated loved the program (the program helps all girls to let them discover themselves as beautiful, precious and valuable, to help them effectively make good decisions and dare to dream and move confidently towards those dreams).  They were all gifted an Empower Pack from Good360 halfway through the course as well as a Karen Murrell lipstick gift pack as a graduation gift.

How does Good360 help your mission?

Without Good360 we wouldn’t have any of these amazing products to add to our hampers to help our homeless clients, as well as helping our transitional housing clients. Our clients cannot believe they get to have what they would class as luxury items added to their hampers. All our clients come into our office for assistance without judgement and we help as much as we can. Without Good360 and their donors, the help would, unfortunately, be a lot less.

What would happen if Good360 wasn’t here to help?

We would still run our program, but we wouldn’t be able to assist our clients to the level that we have been able to. Many people have been affected by COVID, it has changed people’s lives and many were embarrassed to ask for help. Normal items they would have bought without a second thought have become luxury items. With Good360’s help, we have been able to provide a cot for a 16-year-old couple who are about to have their baby and have nothing.

What is your favourite donation you have received from Good360? Why?

Hills Cat food was amazing. Our clients were struggling to feed their animals with COVID causing so much unemployment. Clients pets are sometimes their only companions and to receive such good quality, nutritional food like Hills to give their pets they were so grateful.

How many lives have you impacted through Good360’s donations? (estimate)

Over 5,000 lives ranging from families, singles, couples, homelessness, youth, students, and seniors.

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