Member of the Month – Hay War Memorial High School

Congratulations to our Member of The Month Hay War Memorial High School, who have recently received a large donation of toys, school bags, and stationery to provide to their school community! Since becoming a member in 2019, Hay War Memorial High School has dedicated all items purchased to the wellbeing and learning experiences of their students. Read on to see how Hay War Memorial High School uses their received donations to improve the lives of their students and their families, who may be experiencing hardship or tragedies.

When did you join Good360?

We joined Good360 in June, 2019.

What programs do you use Good360 items for and how does it help people in need?

  • Our Positive Behaviour for Learning program where students are rewarded for being responsible, respectful, and achievers.
  • Giving Back to the Community program where the school provides items to those in need such as our elderly citizens, newly-arrived families, families impacted by a tragedy, providing Christmas toys to children in the wider community, providing our school community, both students and families, once a term with a gift bag of essential items, providing toys for children during youth week and sharing items to other schools in our area to fulfill their needs as they meet Good360’s criteria.
  • It has provided a positive impact by ensuring basic needs are provided to reduce the financial burden on school families and community members. It has also provided an opportunity to recognise students as achievers as giving back to others is critical as a citizen. Furthermore, it has played an important role in improving self worth, and gaining a sense of pride as a member of the school and wider community.

What has been your favourite moment that you have had with a client when distributing products from Good360?

Just seeing the smiling faces of students, families, and community members when being offered items which demonstrates their happiness and someone showing that people care about them. Also, knowing that those who were temporarily experiencing homelessness knew people cared about them.

How does Good360 help your mission?

Good360 has played an important role in our 2021-2024 School Improvement Plan with our strategic direction of Connect, Succeed and Thrive. Their generosity has enabled us to improve student attendance, reward students and connect with the school and wider communities.

What would happen if Good360 wasn’t here to help?

Our strategic direction of Connect, Succeed and Thrive would continue, however it would be significantly modified. We would not have the financial resources to maintain the support we provide students, school families and those in need in the wider community.

What is your favourite donation you have received from Good360 and why?

There are too many to mention. To highlight some favourites, it has been providing household items for families and independent students, toys for Christmas and LEGO to develop students’ fine motor skills, concentration and pride in themselves to complete a task successfully. Furthermore, assembling hampers for families and the elderly during COVID homestays.

How many lives have you impacted through Good360’s donations?

Well over 800 individual people and many are on multiple occasions each year.

To learn more about Hay War Memorial High School, our member of the month, you can visit their Facebook page, or read some of their incredible impact stories.

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