May Member of the Month – Cityhope Care

It’s that time again! We are celebrating Cityhope Care as our Member of the Month for May. CityHope Care has been a Good360 member for just under a year and has been creating amazing impact in that time. Cityhope Care offers outreach services aimed at empowering people in their community to move through periods of hardship.

We interviewed Cityhope Care team manager, Glenda Coxeter asking her about their programs and how they are having an impact in the community with the help of Good360.

What programs do you use your Good360 donations for? Who does the program serve? How does it impact Australians in need?

Our programs outreach to over 110 frontline locations in our community providing free the following immediate and practical resources:

Emergency Hampers of Hope Program  Food and household goods relief. Regularly include items such as frozen meals, bread, nappies, household, and toiletry items including toilet paper, laundry detergent etc   

A New Thing Initiative – Cityhope Care Packs – provided to frontline workers responding to individuals leaving DFV, children at risk of harm/abuse entering care or families facing an unexpected crisis (housefire, medical, community disaster). 

Hope Program – This program provides homeless and vulnerable person outreach. Offering new clothing, toiletries, food relief, and promoting opportunities to lessen social isolation in our community. Supporting avenues for a hot meal, food packs, hygiene support, clothing, kind conversations and a hand up.

Shine Program – Providing skills development/empowerment program and resources for girls/young women in schools in local lower socioeconomic demographic areas.  Students to potentially benefit from this program are identified and referred by teachers/principals.

Christmas Appeal – Food hampers and gifts for children in need. Outreaching to schools, crisis centres, rural areas and responding to community disasters via available frontline agencies

All programs are also accessible via local schools and community hubs.

What is your favourite moment/interaction that you have had with a client when utilising the Good360 product?

My favourite moment is always when the recipient realises how much their community care for them. When they look at what they are receiving and ask, “Is all this for me!?”

How does Good360 help your mission?

Good360 has extended our outreach through our programs and created a greater impact for individuals in need in our community. With Good360’s help, we are able to offer greater support to individuals that are often overwhelmed by the generosity.

What would happen if Good360 wasn’t here to help?

Unfortunately for non-profit agencies, like ours, run by volunteers the impact would be significant.  We would not have the manpower to source the items, sort and deliver them to the community in the same capacity and the people in need in our community would be the ones to suffer.

What is your favourite donation you have received from Good360? Why?

Toothpaste (or toiletries), because they are a basic need that helps to restore hope. Also, our makeup kits and gifts for children because they show our community that they are loved.

How many lives have you impacted through Good360’s donations?

Via all our programs – over 5,000 people.

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