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As Good360 becomes a growing success in Australia, there are some very important people behind it all. They’re called ‘The League of Extraordinary Good‘, and they include our Board of Directors, Advisory Board, volunteer team and the many partners who support us, whether it’s through pro-bono services, funding or product donations!

Each Tuesday and Friday, Good360 will be releasing our ‘Meet the League’ series, letting you get up close and personal with the people who make this extraordinary project happen!

To kick it all off, we’re starting with Sam from 3M, who dropped into the office recently to talk about 3M’s involvement with Good360!


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G360: Welcome to Good360 Sam! Please tell us about yourself and your role.
S: Sure! I’m currently the Corporate Marketing and Public Affairs Manager. One area of my role with to work with our Human Resource department on our CSR strategy, communication and employee engagement initiatives.


G: On the 24th of July, 3M was kind enough to host our goodie-bag packing event. What was the most striking incident of the day?

S: I think it was just incredible to see the amount of bags being packed, it was like an assemble factory! There was something around 1000 bags packed? Amazing. But more importantly, it was great to see that such efforts were going towards helping people in need, such as the homeless.


G: It’s always great to have corporate donors join the Good360 team, especially such a high-profile company in 3M. What was it about Good360 that you found so compelling in the first place?

S: At 3M we pride ourselves in our ability to help improve lives for millions of people around the world. For example, we have found ways to make consumer electronics lighter, less energy-intensive and less harmful to the environment. With Good360, we found that both our respective organisations shared common ideals, in particular sustainable practices. So really, it seemed a logical and natural move to be a corporate sponsor.


G: You mentioned that 3M sees itself as a company geared towards making improvements towards the lives of people. What makes 3M stand out as a company?

S: We pride ourselves on constant innovation in which we will always be inventing, collaborating and developing. We want to continue finding solutions in order to create more ‘good’ for the lives of many whilst adopting sustainable practices.

From the brand that has been a leader in cleaning for over 50 years, Scotch-Brite® Stay Clean brings a true innovation and point of brilliance to Australian households. The unique Stay Clean No-Scratch scrubbing surface has been precision designed for optimal performance to guarantee that no food particles are trapped in the sponge. While other sponges trap food particles in their fibres, Scotch-Brite® Stay Clean rinses clean easily, and, as the pack says “Won’t Trap Food….Guaranteed”.


G: And lastly please tell us something about yourself that most people would not know.

S: Ha, well that’s always an interesting question. Whilst I am a corporate mum of two high energy boys, I have been known to pull out some rather awesome dance moves – like the shopping trolley, laying the bricks and the reverse the car. I can’t dance normally though….But you will never get to see that!


Five fast facts about 3M

  1. In 1983, a generous product donation of newly manufactured office equipment from 3M Company marked the beginning of Gifts In Kind, the company Good360 previously traded as.
  2. 650+ employees in Australia
  3. 2013 sales in excess of $500 million
  4. 11 locations including 4 manufacturing sites
  5. Head office in North Ryde, NSW
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