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The old saying goes “you will never know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” Lucky for us, Jackie from Sole Searching helped clear up this adage at our video shoot. Sole Searching has donated over 700 pairs of shoes worth over $60,000 to Good360’s fast-growing product stockpile. Think about how happy that’ll make someone in need!

G360: Hi Jackie, welcome to Good360! Please tell us about yourself and your role.
J: Thanks for having me! After years of struggling to find fashionable and affordable shoes in my not so average size(I’m a size 11) and frustrated at the lack of larger-sized shoes for women I founded Sole Searching Footwear whilst working full-time in the IT industry. After years of juggling both a career in IT and Sole Searching, I decided to leave IT once and for all and here I am!

G: There’s this old saying about walking in somebody else’s shoes in order to know what empathy is. At Good360 we pride ourselves on helping the less fortunate. Do you think charitable giving helps bring a sense of perspective?
J: Absolutely. I think it’s such a waste that perfectly useable goods are thrown away at will when they could be used by people who are in need. This idea of sustainability whilst helping those less fortunate was what really attracted me to Good360.

G: It seems like the market for larger-sized shoes for women is a niche one. What makes Sole Searching stand out?
J: As said earlier growing up with size 11 feet as a woman, it was a challenge to find shoes that would fit. And even the ones that did fit, they weren’t exactly the greatest looking shoes nor were they affordable. With Sole Searching, I pride myself on having high-quality shoes available in sizes 10 to 14, that are not only fashionable and on trend but affordable.

G: And lastly please tell us something about yourself that most people would not know.
J: I was trained in classical piano. In what feels like a lifetime ago, I spent 7 years behind the piano. Music in all forms, is incredibly important in my life.

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