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Storage King is one of Good360’s many corporate donors. Just recently David was kind enough to give some of his time and have a chat at our video shoot.


G360: Hi David, first of all thank you for your help, please tell us about yourself and your role.

David: I’m currently the manager of Storage King out at Lane Cove. I am currently in my 9th year in this position and have had previous experiences with other Storage King outlets in the inner west and the lower north shore.


G: On the 24th of July, there was an event at the 3M plant at North Ryde. Our MD, Alison attended this event and you also were in attendance. What were your thoughts on the day?

D: I had a blast! A bit of hard work never hurt anybody and it was great to be able to be in some capacity to help out the underprivileged!


G: The million dollar question… what is it that attracted you to Good360?

D: Well, I was attracted to the fact that it allowed community-based firms such as Storage King and charities such as Good360 to co-exist. The idea of reciprocal benefits was a fantastic idea and I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been thought of before. It connects business to the wider community. Makes solving problems simple. Businesses have resources and charities need them.


G: Out of curiosity, what makes Storage King stand out compared to other storage companies?

D: We’ll make it simple. It’s easy to pack, move and store with Storage King. We provide simple storage solutions. Your problems are solved with us.


G: And lastly please tell us something about yourself that most people would not know.

D: I am an avid rugby (union) fan! Just recently I travelled to Brisbane for a game, love the sport!

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