LUSH for Deserving Women

Written by Good360 volunteer Robin Dougherty

Walking around Sydney the other day I started to smell a beautiful perfume coming from one of the shops. It was LUSH, one of Australia’s best chain of shops selling the most delicious range of soaps, creams and lotions to make our bodies feel and look so much better.

But not many people know that there is another side to LUSH. They help so many charities. They are one of Good360’s donors of brand new goods that are passed onto member charities around Australia.

Recently, one of our charities, Willing Older Workers Inc told us just how much a donation of LUSH products meant to them.

“With Christmas round the corner, we ordered a collection of LUSH products from Good360. We organised a gift-wrapping session for all the mature-aged women in our community who are struggling financially.”

“We knew that the women were choosing gifts for their husbands and children or grandchildren, but not for themselves. So we contacted their husbands and gave them the opportunity to get some LUSH for their wives on Christmas Day.”

The women who received the gifts all said it was such a wonderful surprise and they just couldn’t thank LUSH enough for providing the lovely gifts.  Read the full Impact Story here.

This is just one example of the wonderful impact that the donation of LUSH products have on people who are doing it tough and really need something to brighten their day.

So next time you go past a LUSH shop, just pop in and indulge your senses in their huge range of fantastic products.

Thank you LUSH!

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