From online shopping returns to retail store overstock – ever wondered where brand new unsold goods go?

We’ve got the goods – Not for Profits have the need.

Companies donate their excess brand new goods to us in huge quantities.

NFP’s can shop our online catalogue and pay only for shipping and handling.

Charities and NFP’s save money by getting what they need so they can do more of what they want.

Here’s how you can #dogoodbetter

Donate money

We make your dollar go much further by getting free goods for NFP’s.

Donate time

Use your skills to help us do good better with event, office or warehouse volunteering.

Corporate volunteering

Grab your colleagues and do good on a larger scale by starting a program.

100% return on good.

We help all causes

Follow the causes that are most important to you using your dashboard.

Give NFP’s choice

Help NFP’s access what they need and not just what they’re given.

Reach further

We service charities right across Australia, so that no one misses out.

Track your impact

View impact stories to see how NFP’s are using their goods in the community.

Good for the planet

Many of the brand new goods we provide have been saved from going to landfill.

Improve NFP performance

Save NFP’s time and money so they can spend more on program services.

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Want to find out more about how the donated goods are being used to change people’s lives?

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