Green Furniture Hub Opens in Brisbane

Access free quality office furniture from corporate office de-fits

It’s estimated that each year office strip-out works across the country generate up to 30,000 tonnes of left-over furniture. Most of this is sent to landfill despite a lot of items still being in excellent condition and inherently high in value. The problem is significant and multi-faceted. It’s costing tenants unnecessary disposal costs, it’s shortening the lifecycle of items, and it’s environmentally unsustainable.

Putting in place a rehoming pathway for this furniture creates a new type of procurement opportunity for small businesses, charities, or those looking for cost-effective upgrades. It also helps those businesses undertaking real estate projects achieve resource recovery via landfill diversion on what is considered ‘surplus.’ It’s a win, win.

This is why we formed Green Furniture Hub (GFH). GFH is essentially an online marketplace for the surplus furniture on our clients’ de-fit or make-good projects. However, instead of charging for each item customers pay a flat fee to access a bulk quantity of goods ($250 for each 15 cubic metres). You can fit a lot into 15 cubic metres such as 40-45 office chairs or 10 meeting room tables. Importantly, our model provides free access to charities at the end of our furniture listings, or they may wish to pay $250 to access the full listing period. Handling and delivery costs also apply where relevant.

We believe, this type of low-cost, scalable model is where the next generation of businesses with circular economic principles are headed. And we want to be a part of that movement.

So, if you are after office furniture for your own fit-out, for the people you help, or are looking for ways to generate extra revenue via re-selling, register your details at Green Furniture Hub. We’re operating in Sydney, have just launched in Brisbane, and have resources on the ground and ready in Melbourne.

Green Furniture Hub

Contact details:



Ph: 1300 55 56 57

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