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2 minutes with James Michael, General Manager – Client Services at Peoplogica.

James has kindly donated his valuable time and services to Good360 under Peoplogica’s corporate volunteering initiative, so I grilled him on exactly what he can do for us. He was very informative and rather entertaining.

Tell us what brought you to the role you’re in today?

“I have a passion for high performing teams. I had the privilege of being a member of Australian Special Forces in a former life. That gave me great insights into what’s possible, in terms of human performance, in the most arduous circumstances. It’s a subject that has preoccupied me ever since.”

I have a passion for high performance! We could have some fun here.

“I don’t do fun.”

Umm… Is that a rule of yours?

“Just let me know when it’s time to have fun and I’ll be there.” (Wink)

Haha Okay! Let’s talk about what HR can do for our organisation, or any company for that matter?

“First of all, let’s call it People and Culture. I’m not interested in Human Remains. Secondly, our core business is profiling. Attracting and retaining individuals that are hard-wired for success in a specific role is the goal.”

How would an employer identify, from a group of shortlisted candidates or even existing staff, whether or not one seemingly apt individual would succeed more than another?

“Success leaves clues.”

Like Hansel and Gretel?

“More or less. It’s not uncommon for managers to say: “if only we could find 3 other Johns/Sarahs!” The ‘Johns/Sarahs’ of the world are hard-wired for success. They have the same tasks to perform, in the same time as everybody else, using the same techniques/processes/structure… yet they consistently outperform the others.”

Okay, but it seems like a rather ambitious task to first assess this objectively and then grade it consistently… An aptitude test, for example, can be graded fairly. But that wouldn’t exactly cover everything required of the individual(s) in their prospective (or current) role(s), would it?

“No, it wouldn’t. We have a tool that will help our clients learn with certainty the hard-wiring – that is the cognitive abilities, the behavioural traits and the occupational interests of the ‘Johns/Sarahs’ and then do 2 really powerful things…

  • Attract and select more people who are wired just like John/Sarah is.
  • Provide targeted coaching to all the Dicks, Harrys and Sallys who are average-to-good performers so that they learn how to be like John/Sarah1
  • Okay, there’s a third thing – it’ll help you identify who is never going to make it so that you can make a quicker and more cost effective career decision with them.”

You look like you’re on a roll James, don’t stop now.

“The tool is known as the ProfilesXT® (PXT) and it is clinically proven to be the most accurate tool in the world for predicting whether a person will be successful in a particular role. It’s not generic and it’s not comparing against a universal set of traits. Myer-Briggs, DiSC etc. have a predictive reliability of .42-.47. The PSA rates at .82-.91.”

Alright James, so if I complete this ‘PXT’ – are you saying that I can finally prove that I’m perfect?

“No. You could be a good fit for your role though.”


I will now endeavour to prove James wrong when I complete the ProfilesXT®! (Something tells me this could be a bad idea).


Watch this space.

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