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Lots of organisations are doing good – some are even named so!

Recently I had the great pleasure to attend The Nexus Australian Youth Summit, who’s principle sponsor was Good Super. Naturally I was drawn by the name, and was very pleased to discover that Good Super has a very similar mission to Good360. While Good360 are solving issues of social justice with environmental, social and financial benefits through identifying ways to improve efficiency in the charities sector, Good Super abides by a very similar philosophy yet through a very different means.

Good Super strives to redirect the huge pool of capital available for investment that resides in Australian superannuation savings – a grand total of AU$1.75 trillion – into responsible enterprises providing a financial AND a social return on investment. That’s more wealth than exists in the entire top 200 companies in Australia – and no doubt some of this money is yours.

Socially responsible investments make good sense. There are great companies out there doing great things for the world and turning a profit. We’re talking about companies driving:
• breakthroughs in medicine
• innovations in renewable energy
• cleaner transportation and infrastructure inclusive employment policies.

The point is that through your superannuation, you wield a tremendous amount of power, and through this power, the chance to do a tremendous amount of good. Good Super was started with the goal to empower conscious individuals like yourselves to fix the world. Right now they are looking to engage with you. To wield some real power through your super, rollover all of your other funds free of charge, in under two minutes and entirely paperless at

Together Good360 and Good Super are looking at the bigger picture in efforts to move toward a better future. Have you thought about how your super is currently being invested?

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