Give the goods

Got too much of a good thing?

Good360 provides businesses with a one-stop solution for your surplus inventory. Our network includes over 2,500 Not for Profits and schools directing the goods to Australians who need it most.  Our team can organise product donations from anywhere in Australia and will get your goods into the hands of men, women and children doing it tough. 

Our goal is for nothing useful to lie unused.  Are you overstocked on a particular item in your retail store, do you have end of season lines stuck in your DC, do you have discontinued inventory collecting dust in storage? Whatever your surplus goods problem, we have the breadth of distribution services to offer a solution and a network of Not for Profit and school  partners in all cause areas across Australian who will give the goods a second life through their local communities.

Goods for the greater good

Over $167 million of goods donated by businesses since 2015

Direct to our Warehouse

Your surplus stock can be sent to our Good360 warehouse for distribution to people in need all over Australia

Local Store Matching

Good360 can match your retail stores' surplus stock with local Not for Profits and eligible schools Australia-wide for maximum efficiency

Direct Truckloads

Goods can be sent direct from your distribution centre to our larger Not for Profit members for quick distribution to their communities

Disaster Recovery Support

Partner to help disaster-impacted communities by providing much needed goods in the recovery process

The top 10 categories of goods needed by Australians doing it tough


Like board games, action figures, building blocks, dolls


Like shampoo, deodorant, soap, hygiene products, make-up


Like computers, headphones, phones, tablets


Like bedding, kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils


Like shoes, work clothes, coats, underwear, hats

Office/School Supplies

Like notebooks, pens, backpacks, markers, pencils, art & craft supplies

Infant Supplies

Like nappies, prams, car seats, bottles & feeding equipment

Sporting Equipment

Like tents, sleeping bags, balls, bats, clothing, shoes

Cleaning Supplies

Like toilet paper, tissues, detergent, multipurpose cleaners & mops


Like bar fridge, microwave, washing machines

We can also find a home for the goods we do not take

Why partner with Good360?

We can offer tailor-made solutions for your surplus inventory problem. We partner with over 100 businesses Australia wide, so whatever your goal we have the reach to help you.


“Partnering with Good360 is a perfect match with what BIG W has to offer. We want to help Australian families across the country and at the same time be responsible in how we manage our excess inventory. Together with Good360, we can make a great impact nationwide on communities.”

David Walker, Managing Director, BIG W

Where do all the good things go?

Read the stories of individuals, families and communities whose lives have been impacted through the tireless dedication and kindness of our network of over 2,500 Not for Profit and schools.

Our network of members across Australia