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Why join Good360?

As a member of Good360 you will be able to select brand new goods you need for your program services, which have been donated by leading Australian brands and retailers. Products including nappies and toys for domestic violence shelters, notebooks for schools, clothing and toiletries for residential centers, make-up for teens and women experiencing hardship and much more. Best of all, because it’s spare stock, you just pay a small shipping and handling cost.

Membership to Good360 is free and provides many benefits.

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits

Get access to brand new goods from hundreds of business donors

Online Catalogue

Browse hundreds of donations on our online catalogue and have them shipped direct to your door or Click & Collect at our Western Sydney warehouse. All members have their own tailored Dashboard to track your orders and savings.

Local Store Donations

Get matched with a local store to receive either one-time or ongoing product donations of surplus toys, homewares, clothes, shoes, appliances and much more.

Truckload Donations

If your organisation has warehouse space, consider having semi-truckloads of goods delivered direct to you for quick distribution to your community.

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Community Redistribution Partners

We team up with community based Not for Profits who can receive large quantities of goods into their warehouses and distribute them to Not for Profits locally.

Disaster Recovery Efforts

We ensure that the needs of impacted communities are met in a timely manner throughout the full recovery process by ensuring that the right goods are delivered to the right people at the right time.

Where do all the good things go?

Read the stories of individuals, families and communities whose lives have been impacted through the tireless dedication and kindness of our network of over 2,500 Not for Profit and schools.

Our network of members across Australia

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Visit our FAQs to find the answer to other questions you may have please Contact Us. Visit our help centre page to find out more information.