Frequently Asked Questions

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Good360 Australia Membership is Free. Members don’t pay anything to register with Good360!

Good360 aims to match the right goods with the right people at the right time. In order to maximise our impact across Australia, it is our goal to service every ACNC registered charity and every school with a ICSEA ranking < 1,000.

The goods are free. Some orders will have a small Shipping & Handling fee applied depending on the size of your organisation and the specific goods being ordered. Our current model works by providing most goods with no Handling Fee to smaller charities (less than $1m in annual income) and schools with a ICSEA ranking < 1,000. For larger charities, there is a sliding scale ‘Fee For Service’ model to help Good360 cover our Handling costs. Charities with annual income between $1-5m (based on ACNC data) will pay 2.5% of the order recommended retail price (RRP). Larger charities with annual income over $5m are eligible for certain additional benefits and will pay 5% of the order RRP. We rely on annual income information that is available on the ACNC website.

Good360 is continually working to keep our Handling costs low and efficiency high for the greatest benefit to our members.

All members are charged for Shipping based on the volume of orders and distance for delivery. We work with transport companies around Australia to keep costs as low as possible for members.

Small charities (less than $1m in annual revenue based on ACNC data) and schools with an ICSEA ranking < 1000 will not be charged Handling, however Shipping charges will be passed on at cost.

Further to this, some items that we source from product donors will have no associated costs for all members. In some instances, product donors will cover the Shipping & Handling costs for our members and in others, Good360 will raise funds on behalf of members so that there are no charges involved.

On occasion, we will source items that need to be moved fast and may communicate these special offers to members throughout the year as they arise.

Click here to learn more about the differences in member levels and to apply. The Good360 team will contact you after your application has been reviewed.

Our primary communication channel is email, so please ensure that the right people within your organisation are listed with us and that we have their email address. If our emails end up in your junk/spam folder then please add us to your Safe Sender list.

Our Customer Service Team is always happy to hear from our members, so if you have any special requests then simply call 028594 3600 or email us at You can also ask us a quick question on Live Chat.

We also promote our special offers and new arrivals on social media please follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.

A Community Redistribution Partner is eligible to some of our Momentum members who meet a set criteria. It allows the member to redistribute goods outside of their Organisation to other charities or schools.

A member must apply to become a CRP and comply with the reporting requirements. Please contact your Account Manager on 028594 3600 or if you wish to apply.

Yes, all Good360 members are required to have goods delivered to their Organisation’s business address. You can check your Organisation’s address by logging into your dashboard and clicking ‘Organisation’ on the left hand menu tab. We understand for some of our members this is sensitive information – please contact our team for a confidential discussion. Contact us on 028594 3600 or at

A Foundation member can place one order (up to 3 cartons) with Free Shipping & Handling, to trial membership with Good360 Australia. We will then send you an email and request you complete an Impact Story. Once your Impact Story has been approved your Account Manager will be in contact with you to upgrade your membership to Advantage. For further questions regarding your account contact us on 028594 3600 or at

The 20 carton limit per month allows our Advantage members to secure a large amount of goods. If you need a higher monthly limit you may be eligible to become a Momentum member. To check the criteria and apply for Momentum membership which provides an increased limit – visit