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Good360 Australia Membership is Free. Members don’t pay anything to register with Good360!

Good360 aims to match the right goods with the right people at the right time. In order to maximise our impact across Australia, it is our goal to service every ACNC registered charity and every school with a ICSEA ranking < 1,000.

The goods are free. Some orders will have a small Shipping & Handling fee applied depending on the size of your organisation and the specific goods being ordered. Our current model works by providing most goods with no Handling Fee to smaller charities (less than $1m in annual income) and schools with a ICSEA ranking < 1,000. For larger charities, there is a sliding scale ‘Fee For Service’ model to help Good360 cover our Handling costs. Charities with annual income between $1-5m (based on ACNC data) will pay 2.5% of the order recommended retail price (RRP). Larger charities with annual income over $5m are eligible for certain additional benefits and will pay 5% of the order RRP. We rely on annual income information that is available on the ACNC website.

Good360 is continually working to keep our Handling costs low and efficiency high for the greatest benefit to our members.

All members are charged for Shipping based on the volume of orders and distance for delivery. We work with transport companies around Australia to keep costs as low as possible for members.

Small charities (less than $1m in annual revenue based on ACNC data) and schools with an ICSEA ranking < 1000 will not be charged Handling, however Shipping charges will be passed on at cost.

Further to this, some items that we source from product donors will have no associated costs for all members. In some instances, product donors will cover the Shipping & Handling costs for our members and in others, Good360 will raise funds on behalf of members so that there are no charges involved.

On occasion, we will source items that need to be moved fast and may communicate these special offers to members throughout the year as they arise.

Click here to learn more about the differences in member levels and to apply. The Good360 team will contact you after your application has been reviewed.

Our primary communication channel is email, so please ensure that the right people within your organisation are listed with us and that we have their email address. If our emails end up in your junk/spam folder then please add us to your Safe Sender list.

Our Customer Service Team is always happy to hear from our members, so if you have any special requests then simply call 028594 3600 or email us at You can also ask us a quick question on Live Chat.

We also promote our special offers and new arrivals on social media please follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.

A Community Redistribution Partner is eligible to some of our Momentum members who meet a set criteria. It allows the member to redistribute goods outside of their Organisation to other charities or schools.

A member must apply to become a CRP and comply with the reporting requirements. Please contact your Account Manager on 028594 3600 or if you wish to apply.

Yes, all Good360 members are required to have goods delivered to their Organisation’s business address. You can check your Organisation’s address by logging into your dashboard and clicking ‘Organisation’ on the left hand menu tab. We understand for some of our members this is sensitive information – please contact our team for a confidential discussion. Contact us on 028594 3600 or at

A Foundation member can place one order (up to 3 cartons) with Free Shipping & Handling, to trial membership with Good360 Australia. We will then send you an email and request you complete an Impact Story. Once your Impact Story has been approved your Account Manager will be in contact with you to upgrade your membership to Advantage. For further questions regarding your account contact us on 028594 3600 or at

The 20 carton limit per month allows our Advantage members to secure a large amount of goods. If you need a higher monthly limit you may be eligible to become a Momentum member. To check the criteria and apply for Momentum membership which provides an increased limit – visit

You may wish to delete old users that no longer work for your organisation or no longer need access to your Good360 account. The Administrator can delete users by logging into their Dashboard, navigating to the ‘Users’ tab and clicking ‘Remove user’ under the relevant user’s name.

How do I amend the Admin of our account?

If you wish to change the Administrator of your account, please contact the Good360 giving team on 02 8594 3600 during Mon – Fri 9 – 5pm EST or Please give a brief explanation of why your Administrator needs to be amended (e.g. they have left the organisation or are no longer the best contact).

There are 3 user roles: Administrator, User and Viewer. User roles can be changed by the Administrator user of the account.

An Administrator has full control of the account, including the ability to create and checkout orders, view order history, create impact stories, add needs, like items for later (wishlist), modify organisation data, add/delete users and amend user roles.

A User of the account can create and checkout orders, view order history, create impact stories, add needs, like items for later (wishlist) and modify certain account data.

A Viewer of the account has limited access and can only like items for later (wishlist) and view order history.

The Administrator user of the account can amend user roles by navigating to the ‘Users’ tab of their Dashboard. Simply click on a user’s name and use the dropdown menu under the heading ‘Please select user type’ to select their new role. There are 3 user roles: Administrator, User and Viewer.

An Administrator has full control of the account, including the ability to create and checkout orders, view order history, create impact stories, add needs, like items for later (wishlist), modify organisation data, add/delete users and amend user roles.

A User of the account can create and checkout orders, view order history, create impact stories, add needs, like items for later (wishlist) and modify certain account data.

A Viewer of the account has limited access and can only like items for later (wishlist) and view order history.

Our online catalogue is open 24/7- happy shopping!

Our office is open 9 am – 5 pm AEST, Monday to Friday; and available by phone 02 8594 3600.

Live chat is available 9am – 5 pm AEST, Monday to Friday  (blue circle on the the bottom right corner of the website)

We collaborate with great organisations who are working towards our goal that nothing useful lie unused.  We have listed them here

Yes please! Your donation helps us lift up Australian communities. Your donation will be used to help get goods out to the wider community in need. Every $1 you donate has a multipler of $10 of goodness to help Australians in need.

Do you believe that every individual should make a social impact in the community they live and work? Does your employer encourage teamwork and volunteering? Then now is the time to gather your work colleagues to do something rewarding and memorable

If your organisation has a store credit, it will be visible on your Dashboard. To use it you just need to tick the Store Credit box at checkout. If the credit was not sufficient to cover the cost of shipping & handling, you will be asked to pay the difference by credit card/Paypal.

You can purchase store credit by going to your Dashboard, at the bottom of the Dashboard below the map is the option to Buy more credit, select this.

You can purchase a Good360 store credit to use to order goods. A store credit allows other users in your organisation the convenience of ordering without the need to have access to a credit card or Paypal account.

Once completed and approved by Good360, an impact story can be shared on a website or blog by clicking on ‘Share this Story’ on the impact story detail page. This will give you an embedded link so that you can add the impact story widget to your website or blog.

It is really quite simple, share your story about how the goods are helping your community and changing lives. We have created this video to help you. Go to your Dashboard, select Impact Stories, choose the order you wish to create an Impact Story for and then select Create Impact Story.  Impact Stories are approved by Good360 prior to being published.

An Impact Story is your opportunity to tell the donors how the goods donated to your organisation have impacted your community. It is very important to include photos and videos. These Impact Stories are promoted on our website, social media, annual report and in the media.  It is an opportunity to put your cause and the great work you are doing in front of media and our donors including LEGO, BIG W and L’Oreal.

Easy, log in to your Dashboard and you with see an Infographic that displays the total money you have spent, the value of goods you have received, the number of orders you have placed and the number of goods you have received. A quick impact measurement on your dashboard.

Go to your Dashboard. Select Transaction Tab. Choose your Order Number, Print.

Go to your Dashboard. Select the Tab – Users. Select Update Details. Tick Change Password – Update with new details.  Save & Close.

Go to your Dashboard. Select the Tab you wish to edit. Edit details – name & phone number etc. Save & Close. Remember only the Administrator User can change the Organisations details.

The Administrator user of the account is the only user authorised to change details on the Dashboard including the delivery address. Please ask your Administrator user to login to the Dashboard. Select Organisation tab,  update details and edit the details as required. Save & Close. Please note you need to change your address on your Dashboard, you can not amend your address during checkout.

The Administrator user of the account can add additional users by navigating to the ‘Users’ tab of their Dashboard and selecting ‘Add a user’. Ensure that the user information is entered and a user account role is assigned, then click ‘Save and close’.

New users can also go through the registration process themselves. During new member registration our system will identify if an account already exists for the nominated organisation and will add the user to this existing account. The Administrator of the account will be notified that a new user is requesting access and will need to approve the new user via their Dashboard.

Yes, please, it will only take a few minutes of your time and it will help us customise your experience. We can then ensure we are matching our donated goods with your needs.

Good360 does not extend refunds on shipping & handling. If the goods that you have received are damaged or are missing parts, please document it in writing to our team by clicking the blue circle on the bottom right-hand corner of our website or phone our friendly Giving Team on 02 8594 3600.

After review, if the goods are damaged or faulty, we will issue a store credit. We request that the goods are not returned to Good360.

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve received an incorrect, damaged or faulty item. Please document it in writing with photos and submit to our team by clicking the blue circle on the bottom right-hand corner of our website or phone our friendly Giving Team on 02 8594 3600.



No, we do not offer exchanges.

Deliveries must be signed for upon arrival. However, you may choose to have the parcel left unattended at your delivery address or sent to your local post office for you to collect later. Depending on the delivery company, you may receive a note advising how to arrange re-delivery.

Goods are usually delivered within 10 business days. If your order does not arrive within this time, please refer to your tracking advice email. If you can’t find your tracking number please check your Junk/Spam folder before contacting support.

You can chat online to our team by clicking the blue circle on the bottom right-hand corner of our website or phone our friendly Giving Team on 02 8594 3600.


Soon! We are working with a partner in Victoria and will have an announcement very soon. We hope to share exciting news in other states in the next 12 months as well.

Once you have been advised that your Click & Collect order is ready to collect you have 3 days to collect from the Warehouse. If you can’t pick up the goods within 3 business days, please advise the Giving Team on 02 8594 3600. If you do not advise the Giving Team then the goods may be returned to the shelves and made available for other charities to order via the website. You will not be refunded the handling fee if you choose not to pick up your goods.

Good360 cannot take any responsibility for items that are damaged after you have picked them up from our warehouse.

There will be Good360 team members and equipment available to help load your goods into your vehicle. The Good360 warehouse’s collection hours are between 9am-3pm AEST, Monday to Friday.

Our warehouse team provides you with an indication of the vehicle size required to collect your order. Please use this as a guide. Please check the product description of the goods when ordering; this will provide the dimensions of each box. If you can’t fit all the goods into your vehicle, you can arrange another pickup time with our warehouse manager whilst you are there. Failure to pick up the goods at this arranged time will result in the goods being returned to the warehouse shelves, available for other charities to order via the website. You will not be refunded the handling fee if you choose not to pick up your goods.

The Good360 warehouse address is:
Unit 4/364-384 Woodpark Rd, Smithfield NSW 2164
When you arrive, please park in one of the Good360 parking spots outside the warehouse and make yourself known to the warehouse duty manager at the Click and Collect area. You will need to present some ID and a printout or copy of your order on your phone to ensure you receive the correct goods. You will then be instructed on where to move your vehicle in order to safely load your goods.

Click & Collect helps reduce your costs by allowing you to pick up from our warehouse in Western Sydney. If you have a suitable vehicle and someone to collect the goods this is a great way to save even more money.

Standard orders are sent by StarTrack courier delivery. Our delivery fee will vary according to your location. You can add goods to your cart as a guest and calculate your costs.

Yes, we are an online service. This means you can access the catalogue online 24/7 every day of the year and we deliver to every postcode in Australia. We also offer Click & Collect from our warehouse in Smithfield, NSW. (Western Sydney) and we also offer Local Store Donation Program – you can pick up goods from our Retail Partners stores (Nationally), please search for partners who have goods available in your local area

No. Deliveries need to go to business addresses.

No. Our deliveries will take place between 9am -5pm AEST, Monday to Friday

While most donations will be surplus stock, both types of donations are accepted. If the donor is unable to take steps to assure the quality of the donation however then we will more than likely ship the goods to one of our Community Redistribution Partners. There they can determine the quality of the donation and the best way to use it.

Your organisation must take all items that have been processed by your store for donation. If you should receive significant amounts of products that are missing parts or are damaged, please contact our team by clicking the green HELP button on the bottom right-hand corner of our website or phone our friendly Giving Team on 02 8594 3600.

You will nominate a pickup day and Good360 informs the store. They will have the stock ready for you to pickup on your nominated day at their loading dock.  We provide more information in the Not for Profit Handbook. 

Members are restricted to 1 store per pickup round.

You may only take goods that are offered to you by the store manager. It isn’t appropriate to request more or specific items.

Every store has a different inventory and a different level of success in sales. Goods given to a matched Not for Profit will vary from brand to brand and store to store. We will try to give a broad indication of the quantity and types of goods available on our online store but we cannot guarantee that you will receive specific items and specific quantities. Sometimes we will ask you to nominate categories of goods that you would like to receive (for example clothing, footwear, toys, beauty) and we will request that the store prioritises this type of goods for you.

No, you will need to pick up the goods from your matched Local Store. You should discuss the size of available product donations with the store manager in advance so you will know what type of vehicle to take to the pickup store.

All Not For Profits and schools with an active Good360 membership can participate. If you are not a current Good360 member, register now  More information about the LSDP and the benefits of participating can be found in our Local Store Donation Handbook.  

Your donations will consist of nearly anything you will find at your retailers’ store. Most goods will be in a new, useable condition that was overstock, clearance merchandise or seasonal items. You may also receive some buyback and returned merchandise. You may receive some fixable items that may need to be laundered and/or repaired before they can be used although we try to avoid these items being included in your donations.

Please send an email documenting your issues and/or challenges via our online form, referencing the store name and number in the subject line or call 02 8594 3600 (9am-5pm AEST, Monday to Friday). We are here to help make your partnership a valuable aspect of your organisation’s mission. Store employees often have a high turnover rate and may not be familiar with the program. Good360 will contact the corporate office and attempt to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

You can chat online to our team by clicking the green HELP button on the bottom right-hand corner of our website or phone our friendly Giving Team on 02 8594 3600.

If you receive items that your organisation is unable to utilise, you may share them with another Not For Profit. However, you must obtain written permission from Good360 to do so. Be prepared to submit a detailed inventory of the goods you wish to donate as well as the ABN of the receiving organisation.

Goods donated to you through the LSDP are subject to the same terms and conditions as to goods obtained through our online catalogue. These means you cannot sell them in any way and all goods must go to Australians most in need. Be sure all employees and clients are aware of Good360’s restrictions and policies. A full list of what you can and cannot do with donated goods can be found here.

You will receive donations usually within 6 to 8 weeks after signing up with the store, sometimes sooner. The timing varies based on how quickly the corporate offices notify their stores of the new partnerships. Typically there is a transition period, especially in the event that the store was recently partnered with another organisation.

For one-time pickups, you will only go to the store once (unless your store manager has agreed to allow you to make numerous trips to collect all product available – please ask in advance). For ongoing pickups, the quantity and frequency of donations will vary based on store brand, location, and season. Discuss this with your store manager and agree on a mutually satisfactory pickup schedule. Be aware that stores generally do not have space to store donations for long periods of time.

The Local store cost is from $0 to $600  depending on the retailer and volume of goods available. When you find an available store in your area, the cost and the location will be listed on our catalogue.

Mostly, but it is important to read the product description, we will note if the image is representative of the style/colour etc. Often we receive goods in bulk, of many colours/sizes and this may be one image of the many varieties available so it is important to read the detail.

Once you’ve placed your order, you will be given an order confirmation message that will contain your order number. This information will also be emailed to you. This can take up to 30 minutes to arrive in your inbox. You will receive a second email to let you know your order has been shipped once our team at the warehouse have processed your order.

To ensure that these emails go into your inbox successfully please add to your contacts. If you cannot find your emails make sure to check your Junk/Spam folder. If you have still not received your order confirmation email, please contact us.

Yes, please choose the Click & Collect option at the checkout. If you choose Click & Collect you need to collect your order from our warehouse in Smithfield, NSW (Western Sydney). We also offer Local Store Donation Program – you can pick up goods from our Retail Partners stores (Nationally), please search for partners who have goods available in your local area

We accept credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, as well as payments through PayPal & Store Credit.

The RRP is supplied to us by the product donor.

You can always add your product needs onto your Dashboard under the Product Needs tab. Good360 uses this information to approach product donor companies for additional product donations.

We believe in a model of collaboration, not replication.
There are many great charities that are already providing food relief in Australia. We recommend you contact:
–       Oz Harvest
–       FoodBank
–       Secondbite

To find a complete list of goods we can’t accept and the recommended charities who can assist. Click Here

Any changes to your order after checkout will incur an administration fee. Please call the Giving Team immediately on 02 8594 3600.

Any changes to your order after checkout will incur an administration fee. Please call the Giving Team immediately on 02 8594 3600.

You can chat online to our team by clicking the blue circle  on the bottom right-hand corner of our website or phone our friendly Giving Team on 02 8594 3600.

Looks like this item was very popular and is now out of stock. Our product partners donate brand new goods and we cannot predict when or if they will come back in stock – we recommend if you receive our newsletter and you need the item please act quickly. Keep an eye on our NEW items page so that you know if we get another donation of these items. product. If that item was absolutely perfect for you please go to your Dashboard and add to your Product Needs tab.

Goods placed in the shopping cart are NOT reserved until you have placed the order by checking out.

Our goods come from many different brands and retailers. The detail of each item is listed in the product description. Please read the description carefully as they vary from brand to brand.

For most goods, there is no limit on the number of items you can purchase, within reasonable use for your size NFP or school. However, for some goods, where we’ve secured a limited number of goods and want to make them available to as many members as possible, we may place a limit on the number of items you can buy.
Please be sure to review each donation carefully for any eligibility restrictions.

Some goods are restricted. If you place one of these goods into your cart you will be asked some additional questions to see if your NFP or school is suitable to receive this donation.

i.e. do you work with children, if they are toys. Based on this assessment you will be asked to continue to checkout or remove these goods from the cart.

You can access brand new goods from hundreds of businesses including LEGO, BIG W, L’Oreal, Moose Toys & Woolworths. We have brand new non-perishable goods including toys, clothes, toiletries, office supplies and homewares.

Good360 provides goods in a minimum of a box. You will see an amount per unit, this is how many items are in each unit. A unit is then described in the product listing. Generally as a box, pallet or truckload. Please read this information carefully. You then add the number of units (box, pallet or truckload) you would like to the cart. QUICK TIP: Hover over the BLUE UNIT Circle and it will show you the type of unit it is.

A few things that will help:

  • All goods are in multiple quantities; you will see for example ‘Quantity per unit. 6 per box.’ Take the time to read this or you may end up with more than you expected.
  • Some images are representative of the items. Please read the descriptions carefully to understand what product is on offer.
  • Once you find a product you like, select ‘add to cart’.
  • If you want to know how much it will cost to Deliver to Door or Click & Collect, proceed to checkout and choose the shipping method. The Total is the amount you are expected to pay for the shipping and/or handling. The RRP, on the other hand, doesn’t cost you anything and shows the value of the product you are receiving for free.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your shopping cart you can proceed to the payment and delivery options.
  • Please make sure you read our T&C’s before attempting to make a purchase; it is very important they are adhered to.

Good360 delivers goods directly to NFP’s and eligible schools to deliver to communities in their local area to help Australians who need them most. Please contact your local Not for Profit or school who are supporting people in the area you live in.

Good360 membership is FREE for NFPs and schools and the goods are FREE .  Best of all: because it’s spare stock, members just pay a small shipping and handling cost.
There are no further obligations or costs to being a member. However, if you want access to our annual Christmas Campaign and receive our FREE shipping & handling  offer  you need to provide at least one Impact Story about the goods you have ordered from Good360.

Membership is FREE. The goods are FREE, you just pay a small shipping and handling cost.

Members can access brand new goods from Good360 via
1. Online Catalogue
2. Local Store Donations (pick up from retail stores in your community)
3. Truckloads  (bulk goods with discounts on handling fees)
4. Community Redistribution Partners (NFP who redistribute  goods to local communities from their warehouses)
5. Disaster Recovery (Good360 partner with NFP’s to ensure the right goods are delivered to the right people at the right time.

We charge a small shipping & handling fee, sometimes our business partners will sponsor the shipping and or handling fee so we can give the goods to you at no cost.

When you select any of these methods to order your goods, the cost will be clearly displayed at checkout.

You can add goods to the shopping  cart as a guest and enter your postcode to calculate an estimate fee to deliver to your door.

Testimonial  – Hawkesbury Helping Hands
Woo Hoo!! We love Good360 Australia, it is amazing!! We just placed another order.
We just now ordered 8,000 foil trays and lids, yep you read that right, 8,000, for a cost of a $60 handling fee, we opted to pick up, saving money wherever and whenever we can (its a little more for delivery).
Perfect size LxWxH – 17x10x4 cms
We use a lot of takeaway containers weekly and would have liked to use more, but it proved to be quite costly. Now we can.
These are going to last us a while and save lots and lots of money, which we can use elsewhere.

Not for Profits and schools are eligible for FREE membership. NFP’s must be registered with the Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission (ACNC). If you are not registered with the ACNC, please contact them to discuss registering your organisation.  Schools with an ICSEA value below 1000 are eligible for membership. Schools can confirm their ICSEA score on the myschool website.

As a member of Good360, you will be able to select the brand new goods you need for your program services, which have been donated by leading Australian brands and retailers – there in no membership fee to join. Goods including nappies and toys for domestic violence shelters, notebooks for schools, clothing and toiletries for residential centres, make-up for teens and women experiencing hardship and much more. Best of all, because it’s spare stock, you just pay a small shipping and handling cost.

  • No membership fee to join
  • Save money, just pay a small shipping & handling cost
  • Greater impact with your programs
  • Quality new goods delivered to your door
  • Increase community engagement
  • Easy to select the goods you need
  • Christmas  campaign FREE shipping and handling – no cost to you
  • Save time with 24/7 online ordering

Not for Profits & schools must commit to:

  1. Giving the goods to people in need within Australia for free or using them to further their programs.
  2. Not selling, trading, transferring or bartering the goods for financial gain.
  3. Not using the goods to fundraise for their organisations.
  4. Storing the goods at a business location and not transferring the goods to another school or Not for Profit without Good360’s prior approval.

190526_Rules for using Good360 donated goods_A4

Once you have registered online you will receive an email to confirm registration within 1 business day.

No, they cannot. All goods that are supplied to you by Good360 is to support communities within Australian.

Yes, you can promote them to your community via local advertising, but you cannot sell them.

Yes, our annual Christmas campaign is very popular with our members.  We give each member $400 store credit to spend in a specific period. Conditions Apply. Be sure to watch out for this promotion. We also run a number of promotions each year sponsored by our partners giving our members discounts and credits. To be eligible for this campaign you must have placed one order and submitted an approved Impact Story.

If you do this all the goods will be delivered to your address and you will need to make your own arrangements to deliver to your branches. Your dashboard will record the impact to your branch. We recommend each branch has its own membership and dashboard to ensure they can track the impact and receive all our special offers including FREE shipping & handling campaigns. One membership will combine any discounts or offers we provide to our members.

When you register you have to nominate your delivery address. Goods will ONLY be delivered to this address. If another branch at another address would like goods they must register their own membership.