How much do members have to pay for goods?

Good360 aims to match the right goods with the right people at the right time. In order to maximise our impact across Australia, it is our goal to service every ACNC registered charity and every school with a ICSEA ranking < 1,000.

The goods are free. Some orders will have a small Shipping & Handling fee applied depending on the size of your organisation and the specific goods being ordered. Our current model works by providing most goods with no Handling Fee to smaller charities (less than $1m in annual income) and schools with a ICSEA ranking < 1,000. For larger charities, there is a sliding scale ‘Fee For Service’ model to help Good360 cover our Handling costs. Charities with annual income between $1-5m (based on ACNC data) will pay 2.5% of the order recommended retail price (RRP). Larger charities with annual income over $5m are eligible for certain additional benefits and will pay 5% of the order RRP. We rely on annual income information that is available on the ACNC website.

Good360 is continually working to keep our Handling costs low and efficiency high for the greatest benefit to our members.