Volunteer Profile – Lingfeng Kong

 In Faces of Good360

1.  When did you commence with Good360?

In the beginning I started as Work For Dole on 16th of January 2017. After that I have an offer of casual part time work on 11st of April in Good360. I am grateful for the job and eventually leads to Full Time base work. So proud for being a member of our awesome team in Good360 Australia.

2.  What is your role at Good360?

I am a Store Person working in Smithfield warehouse. My role is to prep all the order that customer place. Ensure the order is prepped with correct items. Send it out to transport company

3.  Where do you call home?

I’ve moved to Sydney from China since 2010. And my family came to Sydney one year later. We call Sydney our home. We also call Australia home as half of my family member was born in Australia.

4.  Tell us a bit more about yourself!

I was born in South of China and finished my study on industry measurement and control. Then I have worked at a power station for 18 years. I was married in 2005. My wife and I both would like to migrate and start our journey to have a bigger family in Australia.

5.  What roles/jobs have you undertaken and for what organisations/industries?

My job at a power station is to maintain all control system which collect data from field such as temperature, pressure, flow and liquid level etc. and control water pump, actuator on and off. Most of my job is troubleshooting to ensure system in good condition across the clock.

6.  What are your passions? What are your interests?What do you consider your main achievements in life so far?

Moving into Australia and start again is a Big change in my life. In that journey, we need help and we always got some help. Someone who had helped me said to me, you do not need to help me back just to pass on. I totally agreed and recognize helping others is helping myself. That is my passion to join Good360 and contribute a bit effort to help others in need to make good happen.

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