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This is part of a blog series for registered charities, ‘Exploring the GivingPlace’. It allows non-profits to discover the full potential of the GivingPlace’s features, and how they will save money and time so they can spend more of their efforts doing good in their communities. To register, click here.

‘Are you ready to create crowd funding WishLists for all your most needed Good360 catalog donations and allow your supporters to easily share in the administrative costs?’

While our exciting line of products are free, from clothes, shoes and office furniture to linen and stationery, the cost of shipping and handling is not always covered. But we also know that non-profits are always strapped for cash.

That’s why we developed WishLists, a crowdfunding tool that allows charities to ask their supporters to directly fund administration fees and help get the products charities need.

It’s a simple but powerful concept for non-profits:

  • Once product is in your cart, create a WishList explaining to your supporters why you need this order, and what impact it will make on the community. Add photos, videos and other multimedia to illustrate your cause!
  • Supporters can directly donate to your order and cover the administrative costs associated with shipping… letting you order and get product shipped completely free of charge!
  • A whole new way to donate – your supporters will feel great seeing exactly what their donation is going towards, and it builds trust between you and supporters as well!



What is a WishLists ?


Reserved WishList

A Reserved WishList requires the nonprofit to provide a credit card and can be active for up to 14 days. Products on a Reserved WishList will be held for the nonprofit, and any remaining balance not funded after the 14-day period will be charged to the nonprofit.


How do I make a WishList?

Charities can quickly create multimedia-rich WishLists and email their supporters directly from their Dashboard. WishLists can be saved at any time so you can come back at a later date to finish it.


How do I rally my supporters?

When creating your WishList, there’s an easy option to send it to your supporters by email.

WishLists are also embeddable on other sites, making it easy to raise support.  A WishList can be shared on a website or blog by clicking on the ‘Share This WishList’ button of the WishList detail page.  This will give you an embed link, so that you can add the widget to your website or blog.

Your supporters can then read your story, watch videos, learn about your charity, understand why you are requesting certain products, and make an informed choice about donating their money towards your cause.

But it doesn’t stop there – individuals can easily search for campaigns dear to their heart, so you might even gain new supporters through the GivingPlace! It’s a win-win for everyone.


What happens if I don’t get enough funding for my WishList before time has expired?

If you created a Basic WishList, then no products will be shipped to you. All funds that were raised will be added as a credit to your Good360 account and can be used toward any future donation requests on our catalog. These funds are not cash-redeemable and can only be used toward Good360 administrative fees.

If you created a Reserved WishList, then the remaining funds will be charged to your credit card and your products will be shipped to you.


Do I have to wait for the whole WishList to be funded before any of my products get shipped?

Yes. You will have between 1-30 days (depending on the duration you have selected) to fully fund your WishList before items can be shipped.


Is there a limit to how many WishLists I can have?

An organization can have up to 10 active WishLists at a time.


Got another question?

Shoot us an email at press@good360.org.au and we’ll answer your question in next week’s email!


WishLists Image Gallery + Feature Explanation

WishList details page, viewable by the public.

The public can also search WishLists, letting them find new causes they can love. You can find more supporters this way!

It’s easy for you to create a WishList, add all the details you need, and add multimedia items to make your WishList more appealing to supporters.

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