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Commonwealth Bank; May 31, 2022

Alison Covington walked away from a successful corporate career to create the Australian arm of Good360, an organisation that connects communities in need with unsold, brand new goods which might otherwise have gone to landfill.

Alison Covington AM, Good360 Australia Founder and MD

There’s a huge focus on recycling and repurposing used goods – yet there’s very little being done to deal with products that are manufactured but go unsold. It’s a big issue. A recent report from Deloitte Access Economics found that the value of unsold household goods in Australia is $2.5billion per year.

Alison Covington is passionately obsessed with connecting charities with surplus goods that businesses don’t require, as well as raising awareness about the need for programs like hers.

“It doesn’t feel good to think as a business leader you got it wrong and made products that people won’t buy, but the truth is, it’s almost “When we have made something with the earth’s resources, there is an obligation to use it,”

Alison Covington

Read the full interview on the Commbank website.

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