Black Summer

The 2019–20 Australian bushfire season, colloquially known as the black summer, began with several serious uncontrolled fires in June 2019. Throughout the summer, hundreds of fires burnt, mainly in the southeast of the country.

As of 9 March 2020, the fires burnt an estimated 186,000 square kilometres, destroyed over 5,900 buildings (including 2,779 homes) and killed at least 34 people. An estimated one billion animals have been killed and some endangered species may be driven to extinction.

Good360 helps the right goods get to the right people at the right time during all stages of a disaster, providing hope and dignity to those adversely impacted.

Our approach to Disaster Recovery is strategic and sustainable. We use a coordinated and collaborative approach, working with all organisations – large and small – to deliver what’s needed at each stage of disaster recovery. Our goal is long term sustainable recovery for people and communities.

Since January 2020, Good360 has connected 1,700,001 requested items to bushfire affected communities.
Total value $14.50M (RRP)


Clothing & Underwear


Furniture & Kitchenware


School Supplies


Toiletries Health & Beauty


Bed & Bath


Toys & Entertainment


Cleaning Supplies

Good360 Bushfire Recovery impact 1,700,001 brand new items @09.09.2021

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Goods needed for bushfire relief

We surveyed our database of over 1,600 Not for Profits and schools, and wider NFP sector, who are assisting communities affected by the 2019/20 bushfires to ascertain what products are urgently needed right now and what will be needed later down the track during rebuild.

If your business is able to donate any of the below items please urgently contact Kate Seares-Burnside, Head Of Business Development, or 02 8594 3600

Category - list of goods last updated 25/03/2020Urgently needed by:Needed in next 3 to 6 months by:Size of community
in need:
Personal hygiene products e.g. soap, toothpaste, shampoo, hand sanitiser etc48 Organisations9 OrganisationsUp to 10,600 people
Cleaning supplies e.g. bleach, mop, bucket, cloths etc43 Organisations14 OrganisationsUp to 14,850 people
Clothing, underwear and footwear for men and women26 Organisations14 OrganisationsUp to 10,700 people
Back to school items e.g. stationery, back packs etc69 Organisations7 OrganisationsUp to 19,050 people
Clothing, underwear and footwear for children and babies30 Organisations13 OrganisationsUp to 12,100 people
Camping equipment e.g. tent, sleeping bag, blanket, tarp etc30 Organisations6 OrganisationsUp to 8,400 people
Baby products & furniture e.g. nappies, dry formula, cots, prams etc46 Organisations7 OrganisationsUp to 12,850 people
Pet and livestock products e.g. dry food, bedding etc54 Organisations13 OrganisationsUp to 14,600 people
Furniture e.g. bed frame, mattresses, sofa etc13 Organisations28 OrganisationsUp to 8,550 people
Tools e.g. shovel, hammers etc39 Organisations13 OrganisationsUp to 11,500 people
Leisure items e.g. game consoles, toys, games etc16 Organisations11 OrganisationsUp to 7,400 people
Protective and safety equipment e.g. P2 mask, goggles, ear plugs, gloves, boots etc61 Organisations5 OrganisationsUp to 14,700 people
Soft furnishings e.g. bedsheet, pillow, cushion etc32 Organisations24 OrganisationsUp to 14,100 people
Small home appliances e.g. kettle, toaster etc32 Organisations25 OrganisationsUp to 11,300 people
Building supplies e.g. timber, paint, tiles etc31 Organisations18 OrganisationsUp to 9,400 people
Whitegoods e.g. fridge, washing machine etc 29 Organisations24 OrganisationsUp to 10,850 people
Evacuation site equipment e.g. trestle table, outdoor cooking equipment, catering equipment etc21 Organisations4 OrganisationsUp to 7,550 people

Other items requested

Water tanks, generators, fencing materials, lawn mower, electric lighting, battery powered cells

Up to 1000 people in NSW & QLD

Hand sanitiser, tissues, bandaids, rubbish bags

Up to 1000 people in NSW & QLD

Vouchers - fuel, groceries, homewares, electronics, linen, toys, furniture, building materials etc

Up to 1000 people in NSW

Cardboard boxes sized 45x30x30cm and 50x35x38cm

Up to 1000 people in VIC

Water & water bottles

Up to 1000 people in NSW

Wide brim hats or bucket hats or caps for volunteers

Up to 500 people in SA

Musical instruments

Up to 100 people in NSW

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