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Floods & Storms

The impact of climate change means that Australians are unfortunately getting used to the continuous cycle of natural disasters and never-ending erratic weather patterns. Damaging storms, cyclones and rapid flooding events wreck havoc with people’s lives, damaging whole communities.

Good360’s approach to Disaster Recovery during these periods of flooding and storms is critical to ensure the right goods get to the right people at the right time. A deluge of rain over a sustained period can mean that people need to evacuate their homes and livestock and pets are left stranded. Good360 are there at the early stages with cleanup goods including, mops, buckets, brooms and then throughout the long term, with homewares and furniture to help rebuild lives and homes.

Since February 2022, Good360 has connected over 760,000 requested goods (valued at over $9.64M RRP) to flood affected communities in NSW and Queensland.

At Good360 we are connectors. We connect charities, schools and society’s most vulnerable with businesses willing to donate unsold or surplus goods, services and disaster recovery essentials.

Since February 2022, Good360 has connected 815,925 requested items to 238 NFPs in flood affected communities. Total value $10,263,887 (RRP)


Clothing & Underwear


Toiletries, Health & Beauty


Toys & Entertainment


PPE (incl. masks & sanitiser)


Furniture & Kitchenware




Cleaning Supplies


Towels & Bedding


Gift Cards & Other 

Good360 Disaster Recovery impact @ 31.12.2022

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Items urgently needed by Flood & Storm affected communities

How you can help Good360 get the right goods to the right people at the right time.


If you are an individual or corporate, you can help by donating money. Cash donations are critical as they allow us to get the right goods, to the right people, at the right time through all stages of disaster.


Are you a business ready to donate critically needed goods to communities affected by disaster? Click the button below to contact our business development team to find out how to donate critically needed goods.


If you're a Not-for-Profit or disadvantaged school who is helping communities affected by floods, contact the Good360 Giving Team, via the button below, to learn if you qualify for flood Disaster Recovery support.

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