Bantex Group Recognised For Good360 Deed

Published on Stationary & Office Solutions Newson March 13, 2017

The Bantex Group has been recognised for its support of the Australia Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF).

Charity group Good360, which co-ordinates the procurement of goods and services for charitable organisations, said ALNF was “delighted” to receive a supply of art notebooks and folders from Bantex.

Good 360 managing director Alison Covington said one of the many challenges facing the ALNF when implementing literacy programs in marginalised communities is the lack of basic literacy resources available to students.

“Some of these notebooks will be used in the ‘Art for Literacy’ program, which provides refugee students in NSW with safe places to explore the power of language,” she said.

According to a recent HLB Man Judd/Good360 report titled ‘Goods for the Greater Good’, even large Australian charities are struggling to procure the goods they need to continue their operations.

The report, which took survey data collected from a large pool of Australian non-profit organisations, provides insights to understand the goods that charities need, but cannot afford to purchase. The key findings highlighted the following:

  • The most prominent charitable purpose is advancing social and public welfare at 53 per cent followed by advancing health (44 per cent) and education (33 per cent)
  • The least prominent charitable purpose is natural environment (four per cent) and preventing or relieving the suffering of animals (five per cent)
  • Charities and non-profits of all sizes and causes found office supplies one of the most difficult to afford (23 per cent)
  • Household goods such as linen (21 per cent), kitchenware (26 per cent) and furniture (28 per cent) remain unaffordable and the highest demand category
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